CSR Communications Intern

CSR Communications Intern

The Fehlig Group is a consulting firm dedicated to supporting the success of businesses as they grow with their values and embrace social responsible business practices. President Mary Fehlig has decades of experience helping companies identify and communicate socially responsible business practices in a range of industries and sectors. The team is based in Gaithersburg, MD, 25 miles outside of Washington, DC. More information about the company and our clients is available online at www.fehliggroup.com.

Over the course of this internship, the intern will design, develop, and refine a variety of communications products for use by diverse corporate clients. Specific tasks will be delegated on an “as needed basis” given the demands of current and future clients.

This role will be approximately 50% LOE (20 hours per week) with flexible scheduling. The position can be filled remotely, although occasional meetings and in-person mentorship conversations will take place in Gaithersburg, MD.

This is a great opportunity for a professional interested in entering the field of corporate social responsibility. Mary Fehlig is a thought leader in this space and committed to developing others.

Tasks Include:

  • Participate in telephone interviews with business leaders and develop reports on these interviews to showcase stories of responsible practices.
  • Manage “Stories of Social Good” initiative, supporting volunteers to highlight business practices.
  • Research best practices in social responsibility relevant to specific industries and organizations.
  • Receive and respond to feedback on initial drafts to meet expectations of consultants.
  • Develop written content for award applications based on information sources including company websites, interviews, and industry research.
  • Participate in check-in calls with consultants to share ideas about future content development.


  1. Enthusiasm and commitment to the field of corporate social responsibility
  2. Strong communications skills, including the ability to write and tell compelling stories
  3. Experience with sustainability communications preferred
  4. Familiarity with research tools and online platforms for gathering industry-related information
  5. Experience using social media tools (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  6. Ability to work independently and manage time for completion of tasks on schedule


  • Written content, reports, and stories, often with quick turnaround timeframes
  • Research updates in PowerPoint


Please submit a cover letter describing your interest in this emerging field and your current resume to information@fehliggroup.com.