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How Does Your Garden Grow? | A Guide To Nonprofit Social Impact Reporting

by Karin Bloomquist Social impact reporting has become an essential aspect of business practice in the nonprofit sector; however, many nonprofits are largely unaware of the usefulness of reporting and transparency beyond just the need for compliance and marketing. There is an unspoken obligation of nonprofit organizations to be ethical with their policies and practices; however, […]

Paramount Pitching: How to Create Visual Press Releases to Successfully Pitch Your Story

by Chelsie Pope PARAMOUNT PITCHING: How to Create Visual Press Releases to Successfully Pitch Your Story Press releases are paramount in effectively distributing news about your organization, but press releases can also be used as a tool to brand your organization through stories. There are thousands of press releases sent to various media outlets on a […]

On-Boarding Your Board: Four Keys to Orientation Success

by Elyse Tadich Rudolph According to the 2014 Nonprofit Finance Fund State of the Sector Survey, nonprofits have seen an 80 percent increase in demand for their services. Yet financially and strategically, these organizations are on unstable ground. On the fiscal side, more than one-quarter of nonprofits ended FY2013 with a deficit. An additional 55 percent […]

3 Dead Giveaways that it’s Time for a Visual Identity Upgrade

by Sophie Huber Savage Logo. Icons. Imagery. Color pallet. Typography. Layout and grid. All of these things and more make up your organization’s visual identity system. That visual identity has the power to communicate credibility: that your nonprofit’s work is valuable and worth trusting. Pretty big responsibility, right? Why it counts There are a lot […]