The Blur

3 Dead Giveaways that it’s Time for a Visual Identity Upgrade

by Sophie Huber Savage Logo. Icons. Imagery. Color pallet. Typography. Layout and grid. All of these things and more make up your organization’s visual identity system. That visual identity has the power to communicate credibility: that your nonprofit’s work is valuable and worth trusting. Pretty big responsibility, right? Why it counts There are a lot […]

Media Relations: Finding Your Niche in the News

by Kaitlin Luna As public relations professionals, we all understand the importance of getting our clients featured in the news. However, making this a reality as newsrooms around the country downsize and as news content has become more and more fragmented can be difficult. How can we get through the clutter and show our local communities, our […]

Dollars for Doers- Informing and engaging volunteers for funding

Are you benefitting the most from your volunteers? Working at a nonprofit can be a stressful job, there never seems to be enough time or resources to get everything done. Your organization relies on volunteers to function. Many organizations are missing out on volunteer grants. They are a simple and effective way to increase revenue […]

The one tip to make your donors fall in love with you

by  KC Sledd What if I told you that you learned the key to successful, brilliant fundraising when you were only five years old, sitting in kindergarten? This isn’t a trick – this is a real skill that many of us knew at one point or another, but have likely struggled with over the course […]

Telling Your Non-Profit’s Story through User-Generated Content

by Jamie Caswell What is user-generated content? You have probably seen a user-generated content campaign today, but you may not be aware of what exactly a successful campaign entails. User-generated content is media — including photos, videos, graphics, stories, etc. — that is contributed by individual users of a website or social media platform. User generated content is valuable because it eases the […]