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Why Your Nonprofit Organization Must Have a Media Kit

by Jill Westeyn According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are more than 1.4 million nonprofit organization in the United States. While some nonprofits are highly specialized and unique, others may be “competing” against hundreds of similar organizations to raise money for the same cause. In either case, it is important for your nonprofit to […]

We Have Facebook and Twitter. Now What? An Overview for Nonprofit Organizations

by Rachel Rule Ghadiali Since 72% of Americans use social media, it’s important for your nonprofit to be part of the conversation in the digital space and connect with your donors, beneficiaries, and others who might have an affinity for your work. It is critical that you utilize social media platforms to communicate your message and […]

Sponsors React to Off-Field NFL Drama

Its likely impossible that if you’ve been following the news lately you’ve missed out on the slew of bad press the NFL has received these past couple months; the turmoil began with the news of Ray Rice’s physical assault against his then-fiancée, now-wife Janay Palmer and took off from there, featuring similar stories from Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Jonathan Dwyer, and Ray […]

“Donate Now!” on Twitter?

by Bridget Pooley, Manager of Engagement Last week Twitter announced the US launch of their new ‘buy’ button, which, when combined with their impressive stats (more than 270M monthly active users send a combined 500M tweets per day) has real potential to shift the way users interact with brands on this social media platform. While the initial roll […]

You’ll Never Believe What Facebook Is Up To

by Bridget Pooley, Manager of Engagement Facebook announced yesterday, via press release, two changes to the news feed to help streamline content for users. Click-Bait First, and most importantly for our collective sanity, it looks like click-bait’s funeral has been scheduled! Facebook will suppress content that they determine is “click-baiting” – for examples, see my title, […]