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Kimberly Hayes

Kimberly Hayes is a social media native, who thrives within the intersection between digital media and social impact.
She is the program coordinator for Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication. As part of her duties, Kimberly coordinates all social media postings, website maintenance and event planning.
A graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Media Studies, Kimberly is passionate about all things under the communication umbrella including social media, marketing, journalism and public […]

Part 47: Marilee McInnis and Communicating with Heart

Marilee McInnis, Senior Manager of Culture and Communications, Southwest Airlines

by John Trybus, Managing Director
How’s this for an awesome job title: Senior Manager of Culture and Communications.
That’s the very cool title of this week’s very cool social strategist, Marilee McInnis of Southwest Airlines.
“It’s a title that means I get to do what I’m passionate about,” Marilee says with a laugh.
Marilee’s passion for Southwest is infectious and her dedication to the company has come to life in many ways through different positions throughout her career journey. After […]

Part 46: Aric Noboa and Using a Corporation’s Core Assets for Good

Aric Noboa, President, Discovery Channel Learning Alliance

by John Trybus, Managing Director
It’s exciting to see the many forms corporate social responsibility (CSR) is taking these days. From cause marketing to employee volunteer programs that connect talent with worthy causes and many things in between, CSR is getting more creative and impactful.
The Discovery Channel’s Global Education Partnership is one such creative use of a corporation’s assets – both monetarily and through skills.
This week’s Social Strategist features Aric Noboa, the Partnership’s president, to learn more about the […]

Part 45: Beth Kuenstler and the Importance of Listening and Sparking Conversations in Nonprofit Marketing

Beth Kuenstler, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Kiva

by John Trybus, Managing Director
It seems as though this week’s social strategist, Beth Kuenstler, has done it all.
Brand management at Procter & Gamble. Marketing Director at Kodak. Independent marketing strategy consultant. Director of Strategic Partnerships at CARE. Executive director of Hands on Network. And now Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Kiva.
And all that was after earning an MBA. Talk about an exciting career journey!
“We like to think that [one’s career] has logical steps, but sometimes they have some interesting […]

Part 44: Chuck Bennett and Why Perseverance and Consistency are Key Ingredients in Corporate Environmental Sustainability

Chuck Bennett, Vice President of Earth and Community Care, Aveda (ret.)

by John Trybus, Managing Director
Every time I visit an Aveda store I’m always struck by three things: the smell (it’s intoxicating), the comforting tea they offer (it’s delicious!) and the knowledge that employees have not just about product benefits but also about the responsible sourcing of ingredients and environmental mission of the company.
Aveda is a beauty company with a mission that permeates deep into every corner, including the store level. That mission is communicated well and authentically to me the consumer, who […]