Digital Persuasion

Digital Persuasion

Who are your organization’s digitally engaged supporters and how do you drive them to action?

Social media’s empowerment of the individual means anyone can be an influencer. That presents an opportunity and challenge to every social impact organization: What does influence mean and how do you harness it? To explore this question, we conducted an exhaustive study of more than 2,000 digitally engaged cause-supporting adults. The study provides insight into the habits, behaviors, and motivations of these individuals, as well as information on how to engage them to produce greater support and action on behalf of causes.

Digital Persuasion In Action Video Series

Digital Persuasion Video Series

Video series on how to lead digitally persuasive organizations.

Trendspotting: Digital Persuasion Archetypes Infographic

Cause Champions Archetypes

Four categories of potential cause influencers and how to reach them.