Stories Worth Telling

Storytelling is an essential component of nonprofit communications, but very few organizations have a firm grasp of what good storytelling truly is and how it can be leveraged to improve outreach and fundraising. This is especially true among smaller organizations, which often lack the resources and staff to invest in developing the required processes and fostering in-house expertise. The result is missed opportunities to engage stakeholders across the spectrum of channels and tools available today.

In partnership with the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation, CSIC has undertaken a year-long, multi-phase project that encompassed research, training, and the development and dissemination of best practice resources. The project aims to fill the existing storytelling resource gap by providing examples of good, compelling stories that have had measurable outcomes for organizations, along with a step-by-step process for creating and sharing these stories—particularly one that’s geared toward smaller organizations.

We look forward to launching the full publication, tools and resources in early September. 

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Infographic: Nonprofits on Storytelling
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