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Strength Through Stress: Four Reasons to Test Your Nonprofit’s Crisis Response Plan

Emergency Plan

by Thomas Cieslak
It’s there, sitting on the shelf just waiting for the right time.  Times are good and your nonprofit’s crisis communications plan gathers dust and rust from not being used.  Then it happens – the panicked early morning phone call.  The plan worked well the last time it was used for this type of incident, it should work just as well this time, right?
It is a best practice for nonprofits to have contingency plans […]

New Communication Rules in Modern Society and Reasons for Them

New Communication Rules

by Jessica Freeman
The uses of technology for social and professional reasons, and some dos and don’ts!
Technology is a wonderful tool, both for professional and social reasons. That’s undeniable. But just like any other good thing in life, its use must be moderated in terms of how often it’s used and the purpose for which it’s used.
Checking your cellphone while chatting with friends is simply irritating. Taking personal calls when serving a customer is unacceptable. Using […]

Marketing for a Nonprofit When It’s Not All Sunshine and Rainbows


by H.E. James
Nonprofit work is not all sunshine and rainbows.  Many NGOs are responsible for managing public health crises, natural disasters, and large-scale emergencies.  Our world deals with these things every day, necessitating that NGOs make public entreaties for things like supplies, manpower, and funds.
Yet these situations present NGO marketers with a challenge unique to their industry: how to market events and information that isn’t always positive in tone, such as the CDC’s response to the […]

Your Nonprofit Email Needs These 5 Tips, Right Now

Email Icon

by Miller Hollingsworth
Follow along with me here.
You work for a nonprofit. You’re sending emails to keep your volunteers, donors, and stakeholders up to date (if you aren’t, please, drop everything you’re doing now and get started.)
But those emails aren’t generating the actions and overall interest you need.
Your emails can be made better, and a better email means your audience will be more absorbed, engaged, and willing to help in the way that you want.
Read on […]

Center Expands Mission to Increase Social Impact

SCS Building

This article originally appeared on the Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies homepage.
As Georgetown University’s unique and groundbreaking Center for Social Impact Communication begins its ninth year at the School of Continuing Studies, it is celebrating its successes—among them providing millions of dollars in pro bono services to nonprofits and socially responsible businesses—by expanding its mission to meet the needs of today’s social impact practitioners and the work they help to advance.
Expanded Mission
The Center’s expanded mission and […]