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A tsunami of growing social need is headed our way – can we be ready?

In the US, any person or organization working with those trapped in extreme poverty over the last few years can testify to the increase in demand and need in areas relating to: ·        Growing child poverty ·        Nutrition insecurity ·        Rising homelessness ·        Declining longevity ·        Increasing levels of families and individuals without healthcare insurance ·        Fewer fulltime jobs with benefits […]

Breaking through the noise: Digital storytelling for social impact

Every organization has a story to tell. With the rise of new and ever-changing technologies, people are more connected to information than ever before. Nonprofit organizations are facing an unprecedented opportunity to harness the power of narratives to tell compelling stories and showcase their impact. However, the ubiquity of the digital world makes it a […]

A Partisan Nation: How Organizations Can Still Make a Social Impact

As communication experts, our gut instinct is to avoid alienating anyone. We especially hesitate if we expect a strategy and tactic may alienate a business or nonprofit’s customers or donors. These perceptions and line of thinking is important – it is part of what provides our line of work with value. Although we are a […]

Your CSR Program Needs Ownership. Here’s How to Get Your Employees to Embrace

Your CSR Program Needs Ownership. Here’s How to Get Your Employees to Embrace It. All companies should have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) or social impact program. Ten years ago, many C-Suite executives would have dismissed this statement. But today, it is more unusual if a company is not investing in their internal and external […]

5 Deal-Breaking Mistakes When Writing a Fundraising Letter

Fundraising Letter

by Gloria Kopp Writing letters is an integral part to fundraising. You understand the cause you’re working towards and the need for funds, but unless you get that message across to your supporters, you could be missing out on hitting your fundraising goals. When putting together your fundraising letters, you need to write in a […]