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Social Media’s Purpose in Nonprofit Donor Engagement

Nonprofit Supporters

by Heather Weathers Introduction It’s no surprise that marketing methods have increasingly focused attention on digital marketing through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many nonprofit organizations have followed this pattern and attempted to integrate social media into traditional donor development models. Despite their efforts, many organizations have still seen steep declines […]

The Case Against Resonance

Strategic Storytelling

by Shaun Adamec Meet people where they are. That common, consultant-driven mantra has been the prevailing wisdom driving organizational messaging for years. If we want people to respond to our message, we must tailor it to them, ensuring it resonates with their existing thought patterns. The overused concept of “resonance” is a crutch for many […]

Marketing for a Nonprofit When It’s Not All Sunshine and Rainbows


by H.E. James Nonprofit work is not all sunshine and rainbows.  Many NGOs are responsible for managing public health crises, natural disasters, and large-scale emergencies.  Our world deals with these things every day, necessitating that NGOs make public entreaties for things like supplies, manpower, and funds. Yet these situations present NGO marketers with a challenge unique […]

Your Nonprofit Email Needs These 5 Tips, Right Now

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by Miller Hollingsworth Follow along with me here. You work for a nonprofit. You’re sending emails to keep your volunteers, donors, and stakeholders up to date (if you aren’t, please, drop everything you’re doing now and get started.) But those emails aren’t generating the actions and overall interest you need. Your emails can be made […]