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CSR Matters: To “B” or Not to “B”… A Better Way to Do Business

Benefit Corporation

by Ryan Rudominer, Change Agent, Senior Communications Strategist, and Branding Expert This post originally appeared on Huffington Post. Here’s a challenge for you: ask five close friends or associates in your social network to list five ideal places to work if someone you know were trying to work for an organization committed to environmental justice […]

Riding the Train: The Importance of Meaning in Nonprofit Stories

by Michael Selissen In her book, Documentary Storytelling: Creative Nonfiction on Screen, filmmaker and teacher Sheila Curran Bernard writes about the role of a story’s narrative spine. Or, as she likes to call it, the narrative train. Think of the train as a story’s mainline – the foundational plot that keeps you reading, watching or […]

Five Deal-Breaking Mistakes When Writing a Fundraising Letter

Fundraising Letter

by Gloria Kopp Writing letters is an integral part to fundraising. You understand the cause you’re working towards and the need for funds, but unless you get that message across to your supporters, you could be missing out on hitting your fundraising goals. When putting together your fundraising letters, you need to write in a […]

Three Steps to Recruit Advocates Using Digital Advertising

by Sarah Pettit Digital advertising isn’t just for big-name corporate sales anymore. It offers nonprofits and advocacy groups enormous potential for mobilizing the most effective supporters in the right places. But success demands a highly targeted strategy for recruiting advocates where it counts. At Reingold, I work with a team of digital analysts, graphic designers, […]

CSR Matters: Now is the Time for Purpose-Driven Companies to Lead

Company Response - Travel Ban

by Ryan Rudominer If you believed Donald Trump’s election as President would bring about less pressure on companies to maintain their bold CSR commitments, you were sorely mistaken. As I’ve written previously, consumers are demanding more from the brands they buy than ever before and, by almost any measure, are placing a premium on corporate […]