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5 Deal-Breaking Mistakes When Writing a Fundraising Letter

Fundraising Letter

by Gloria Kopp Writing letters is an integral part to fundraising. You understand the cause you’re working towards and the need for funds, but unless you get that message across to your supporters, you could be missing out on hitting your fundraising goals. When putting together your fundraising letters, you need to write in a […]

How Social Media is Reshaping Today’s Education System

by Lori Wade There’s no denying that, ever since social networks and social media made way into our lives, everything is different. Beginning with the way we socialize, interact, plan for parties or even how often we go out. We won’t go into a debate regarding the ethical aspects of the way Social Media is […]

Changing Perspective to Change the World

by Kelley Slone How do you know if you are truly making a difference in this world? How can change happen? How can the world really use you? I wasn’t sure. These questions were difficult and uncomfortable for me to answer. But StartingBloc believes that we need to sit in that discomfort in order to […]

CSR Matters: Harnessing Emotional Insights to Bring Brand Purpose to Life

by Ryan Rudominer CSR Matters: Harnessing Emotional Insights to Bring Brand Purpose to Life A Q&A with Billee Howard, CEO, BRANDthropologie When it comes to harnessing the power of emotional insights to bring a brand’s purpose to life and using cognitive technologies to purposefully shape a brand’s future, few are savvier than Billee Howard, the Founder […]

Why Public Relations Should Play a Role in Your Social Media Marketing

by Paul Bates The use and impact of social media marketing have drastically increased in recent years. With every person, from baby boomer to millennial, being a member of at least one social media network, it is safe to say that the new way of word of mouth marketing is social media marketing. But why […]