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CSR Matters: Harnessing Emotional Insights to Bring Brand Purpose to Life

by Ryan Rudominer

CSR Matters: Harnessing Emotional Insights to Bring Brand Purpose to Life

A Q&A with Billee Howard, CEO, BRANDthropologie

When it comes to harnessing the power of emotional insights to bring a brand’s purpose to life and using cognitive technologies to purposefully shape a brand’s future, few are savvier than Billee Howard, the Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie.

For more than twenty years, she has successfully positioned some of the world’s leading companies and C-suite executives […]

Why Public Relations Should Play a Role in Your Social Media Marketing

by Paul Bates

The use and impact of social media marketing have drastically increased in recent years. With every person, from baby boomer to millennial, being a member of at least one social media network, it is safe to say that the new way of word of mouth marketing is social media marketing. But why do companies engage in social media marketing? Most would say it is to connect to their consumers, to have […]

Fake News Is As Real As We Make It To Be

by Michael Fox

I just finished a well-written piece on healthcare reform. The author did a brilliant exposition on profit-driven insurance providers and how shareholder value is dictating life and death for seriously ill patients. I’m alerting everyone I know to give it a read. I’m also alerting them that it’s fake news.
The proliferation of online platforms for both accredited, and problematically, anointed journalists has created a need to sort information from disinformation. We […]

How To Use Blogging As a Promotional Tool for Non-Profit Endeavors

by Olivia Ryan

Most professionals in nonprofit sector consider marketing to be a dishonest and guileful way to run your operations. They usually think that this sort of promotion is profit-oriented and adequate only for entrepreneurs and their businesses.
However, a lot of nonprofits realized that they need to accept marketing strategy as a natural part of their endeavors. In this article, we are going to explain to you how to use blogging as one […]

CSR Matters: How One Company is Shaping the Future of Philanthropy by Building Inclusion from the Inside Out

by Ryan Rudominer

A Q&A with Sampriti Ganguli, Arabella Advisors’ CEO, on Being a B Corporation; Lessons Learned on the Journey Toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and the Future of Philanthropy

Sampriti Ganguli, Arabella Advisors’ CEOWe are on the cusp of philanthropy’s next big wave. The charitable sector is no longer limited to just giving grants to organizations and wishing them well. Whether it’s creating social change by engaging in advocacy, impact investing, or collaborative efforts designed to deliver outsized […]