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CSR Matters: How One Company is Shaping the Future of Philanthropy by Building Inclusion from the Inside Out

by Ryan Rudominer

A Q&A with Sampriti Ganguli, Arabella Advisors’ CEO, on Being a B Corporation; Lessons Learned on the Journey Toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and the Future of Philanthropy

Sampriti Ganguli, Arabella Advisors’ CEOWe are on the cusp of philanthropy’s next big wave. The charitable sector is no longer limited to just giving grants to organizations and wishing them well. Whether it’s creating social change by engaging in advocacy, impact investing, or collaborative efforts designed to deliver outsized […]

How Your Nonprofit Can Maximize Social Media to Spread Advocacy

by Laura Buckler

Much has been said about the role of social media in the so-called thriving culture of narcissism. Because of the awful perception that institutions and businesses have on the use of social media, a large number of them still choose to disregard it, most especially the nonprofits and charity organizations. If your team is one of them, however, you must start to realize that social media is your friend and not […]

Science of Science Communications: Want to Drive Social Change? Make a stronger case for Science

by Nat Kendall-Taylor

As the ongoing debate over climate change makes clear, science is under attack, and its role in public discourse and public policy is in question. This is true not only on controversial issues or among certain groups; science is being questioned across the political spectrum and over a wide range of issues—from the effectiveness of vaccines to the effects of genetically engineered crops.
As Robinson Meyer recently observed in the Atlantic, “It’s a miserable time for […]

CSR Matters: To “B” or Not to “B”… A Better Way to Do Business

Benefit Corporation

by Ryan Rudominer, Change Agent, Senior Communications Strategist, and Branding Expert
This post originally appeared on Huffington Post.
Here’s a challenge for you: ask five close friends or associates in your social network to list five ideal places to work if someone you know were trying to work for an organization committed to environmental justice and social well-being. For most of you, chances are that for-profit businesses would not score very high on your lists. What if […]

Riding the Train: The Importance of Meaning in Nonprofit Stories

by Michael Selissen
In her book, Documentary Storytelling: Creative Nonfiction on Screen, filmmaker and teacher Sheila Curran Bernard writes about the role of a story’s narrative spine. Or, as she likes to call it, the narrative train.
Think of the train as a story’s mainline – the foundational plot that keeps you reading, watching or listening. It’s the thing you’d describe if someone asked, “What’s the story about?”
So after reading To Kill a Mockingbird, you might say, […]