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How To Use Blogging As a Promotional Tool for Non-Profit Endeavors

by Olivia Ryan Most professionals in nonprofit sector consider marketing to be a dishonest and guileful way to run your operations. They usually think that this sort of promotion is profit-oriented and adequate only for entrepreneurs and their businesses. However, a lot of nonprofits realized that they need to accept marketing strategy as a natural […]

CSR Matters: How One Company is Shaping the Future of Philanthropy by Building Inclusion from the Inside Out

by Ryan Rudominer A Q&A with Sampriti Ganguli, Arabella Advisors’ CEO, on Being a B Corporation; Lessons Learned on the Journey Toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and the Future of Philanthropy Sampriti Ganguli, Arabella Advisors’ CEOWe are on the cusp of philanthropy’s next big wave. The charitable sector is no longer limited to just giving grants to organizations and wishing […]

How Your Nonprofit Can Maximize Social Media to Spread Advocacy

by Laura Buckler Much has been said about the role of social media in the so-called thriving culture of narcissism. Because of the awful perception that institutions and businesses have on the use of social media, a large number of them still choose to disregard it, most especially the nonprofits and charity organizations. If your […]

CSR Matters: To “B” or Not to “B”… A Better Way to Do Business

Benefit Corporation

by Ryan Rudominer, Change Agent, Senior Communications Strategist, and Branding Expert This post originally appeared on Huffington Post. Here’s a challenge for you: ask five close friends or associates in your social network to list five ideal places to work if someone you know were trying to work for an organization committed to environmental justice […]