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Customer Service Training for Volunteers: Why and How

Volunteering Hands

by H. E. James, MBA Take a look at the volunteers at your nonprofit.  They come from varied personal and professional backgrounds.  Depending on your mission, you might have a large group of parents and guardians whose primary job is caring for their kids.  You could also have a cadre of highly-trained medical professionals. What […]

Learning Without Boundaries

Learning Without Boundaries

by Shalini Sinha | This article first appeared on LinkedIn. I decided to take Georgetown University’s Cause Consulting course, offered by the Center for Social Impact Communication, solely because of its premier reputation. Ask any PRCC Hoya, and they’ll tell you about this signature class. So much so, that a few students have casually mentioned that […]

Social Media’s Purpose in Nonprofit Donor Engagement

Nonprofit Supporters

by Heather Weathers Introduction It’s no surprise that marketing methods have increasingly focused attention on digital marketing through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many nonprofit organizations have followed this pattern and attempted to integrate social media into traditional donor development models. Despite their efforts, many organizations have still seen steep declines […]

The Case Against Resonance

Strategic Storytelling

by Shaun Adamec Meet people where they are. That common, consultant-driven mantra has been the prevailing wisdom driving organizational messaging for years. If we want people to respond to our message, we must tailor it to them, ensuring it resonates with their existing thought patterns. The overused concept of “resonance” is a crutch for many […]