Activating Audiences for Causes

Activating Audiences for Causes

Better understand the applied science as to why people support causes and best practices for driving increased engagement.

Every cause is driven by supporters-from donors, to advocates, to volunteers-and in today’s landscape, each and every non-profit organization is looking to convert its supporters into donors. This course reviews the latest in behavioral economics, program analytics and brain science for strategies that encourage target audiences to move from watchers, to supporters, to donors-and to help them do good in the world.

This course explores:

  • How people are “wired” to support causes
  • Best practices from campaigns and tactics that leading causes use to drive support
  • How a supporter’s age impacts what he or she wants from a cause

The course helps students understand how to be a successful part of a social impact organization’s marketing, conversion and fundraising communication campaign, with a focus on how to encourage key audience’s to continue the conversation with the organization over time.

In the end, students leave with the knowledge required to craft and evaluate a pragmatic acquisition, conversion, engagement and retention strategy that goes beyond just informing and educating-instead driving people to support a social impact organization tangibly and directly.