Cause Consulting

Cause Consulting

Our signature course, which teaches students how to become emotionally intelligent consultants on behalf of social impact organizations.

Cause Consulting offers a cohort of students an applied learning experience to work collaboratively in small consulting teams to implement the entire lifecycle of a client engagement for an organization within the social impact sector. It is also an opportunity for students to explore their potential to create positive social impact and apply consulting skills throughout their careers, as they go through a semester-long journey to become a cause consultant.

The primary goal of the course is for students to gain the knowledge and practice the hybrid, synergistic skillset necessary to work as an integrated communication and marketing consultant for clients, while garnering a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities working in and with the rapidly evolving social impact sector. The client organizations are specially chosen for class by the professor, and are each served by an account team of three to four students.

Students will practice the unique combination of technical, interpersonal and consulting skills it takes to work effectively with a social impact client—known in class as “the many hats” of a cause consultant. They will explore topics and activities like strategic relationship-building, gaining client trust, building scopes of work and creating business development strategies. There is a special emphasis on building and reflecting on emotional intelligence skills, as the best way to serve clients and work within a team is to know one’s own personality and strengths first.

By the end of the semester, students will provide clients with a suite of three sustainable deliverables and recommendations for using them effectively. Students who complete the course are recognized with the special designation of “Cause Consultant” by Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, and will join an exclusive, global network of more than 200 other Georgetown consultants.